Is dom testing us?

Hey so I just came back to this forum. I was of because of exames and competition season but I now have the time to be here again. I was reading a lot for a while to be updated on what was going on and I honestly think you might be right. Of course I don’t know a lot since I was off for a bit but it actually makes a lot of sense!

Thanks And welcome back to the forums! You’ll find that things have changed

Sure that would be nice but I’m thinking there’s just not a big enough budget yet or not enough important people backing him.
He needs to get a move on it though lol

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I hope so

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Now that i think about this theory in hindsight I realise its crazy for him to do this

People do crazy things. I think that maybe he wants to filter us out and only have beta testers that are committed to the project. I am sure that once it releases it will create a huge amount of hype.

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