Is dark humor forbidden in byte?

Frankly, I am hesitant about posting videos freely.
The possibility that Byte could become a banned place worries me.
People who are sensitive about everything can restrict our freedom.
I would very much like Byte to be free in terms of dark humor.
Some people are worried about their video being removed or their account being closed. For this reason, he cannot comfortably broadcast videos.


As the creator you have to give enough context clues to show that you are making a joke. The rest is just rolling the dice and taking a risk. I’ve made plenty of murder, funeral, and suicide jokes And so has @senorpequenos but the guidelines of the byte rules clearly state that you should not show anything graphic or make any threats.

Have plenty of context and you should be good.


There are ways to make dark humor, the larger part is edgy humor, which by definition walks the edge of comedy

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There’s a difference between dark humour and straight up being a jerk with who are different.
Like, too many “dark” or “edgy” jokes I’ve seen rely heavily on punching down at people’s suffering with no attempt to aid.
I would say that dark humour is fine- but if you’re a “majority” (cis, straight, white, etc), consider your intent and unconscious biases before posting.

Also, freedom of speech is also not freedom of consequence. Remember that if you post something which fits within guidelines but is still derogatory, the people who are the “target” of a joke can and might choose to be upset about it. And that’s not them overreacting.


ok uHm there’s a difference between dark human and straight up being homophobic or racist, you just gonna give context that you are apart of you group you are talking about


Ya a lot of people summed it up here and kurtis Connor has a recent video about dark humor.

Dark humor is a legitimate form of entertainment, however bad comedians have turned dark humor into a shield protect them from saying any offensive and unfunny thing they want and say “it’s just a joke”.

You should remember that if you try edgy and dark jokes and people call you an asshole… it means you’re an asshole. There’s no excuse, and there’s no bad crowd, it’s your joke that was wrong. It will work if it’s good and done correctly.


POV: there should be the possibility to voluntarily get your profile “restricted”, and by restricted I mean that warns people who come to your page that there could be some contents they might not like that much, i.e. you come to my profile and you see the warning that says this account is self-warned, this means you can find something you think is inappropriate, would you like to see this profile anyway? or something like that. So if you choose to not put the warning on your page, you know that posting some kind of content can lead strong criticism to you, while if you choose to put the warning, who comes to your profile knows that if they find inappropriate stuff that they don’t like, well that’s just their fault

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even if it is restricted people shouldn’t be homophobic or racist if they aren’t aligned in the LGBT or that race

I agree.

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Yes of course, but since dark humor can bring indignation to many this tool could be a useful way to avoid being blamed for minor stuff. I mean, if I make a dark joke in public I can expect people to call me bad things, but if I do that in my home with a warn on the door then I know that only people who are interested come inside and if you come inside but you’re not interesred then it’s your fault. I know there is a line between making a joke and saying a slur, so along with this idea should come the fact that even when I’m “restricted”, people can still report me and I can still get banned if I am being blatantly racist or whatever-phobic