Is CLICKBATE good or bad?


What do you think? Is clickbate a good or bad?

I’d do clickbate but it has to have some element of Truth in there…not a complete BS


I think that it’s not that bad but you shouldn’t exagerate too much


Depends on how you use it. If you straight up lie in your title just so people will click then it’s bad. If it’s clickbait-y but it accurately frames your content then go for it. I just know that I personally am less likely to click on a video if the title is too much or too clickbait-y so I assume others might be like that. I’ve heard that it’s best to have titles get your viewer to ask a question that is then answered by the video, and cookie cutter clickbait does that well. There are definitely better ways to title a video than using clickbait but I guess it could be different for everyone


I think clickbait is fine as long as it’s not totally different from what the video is actually about


Agreed, nothing is worse than watching the whole video and being like wth nobody’s actually pregnant or wth you didn’t actually get robbed…

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EXACTLY or like…like a picture of @dom with the Title “V2 NEW UPDATE FINALLY OUT” :roll_eyes:


Don’t clickbait towards the point where it’s like “I GOT MY GIRLFRIEND PREGNANT?!?!” and it being a 23 minute video, with one mention of his girlfriend being pregnant. I don’t like that.

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Shout-out tho to the people in the comments section who comment the timestamp of the actual moment they’d talk about the pregnancy


Not all heroes wear capes

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Oh my gosh, yes.

Depends on your intentions…

Cough Jake Paul Cough


Only if it’s actually relevant to the video

Yeah just don’t be jake Paul and I’m fine with it as long as it’s related to the actual video

I really despise clickbate. I want to know what happens throughout the video rather than 3 seconds of the video that were made with the sole intention of attracting more viewers.

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