Is Byte still an underground thing?

My wife knows I have been posting on Byte and encourages me. The other day she says to me that she never hears any news on it meaning it is still relatively unknown. I have been trying to interact with the Byte community, app and forums, so I guess I cannot tell. What are other people’s experiences?


I mean my school of 950 kids knew about it so idk if it’s that underground


So I remember a staff member saying a while ago (so idk how accurate that statement still is and I also cant find where this was said so just take take my word for it i guess :man_shrugging:t2:) Anyways it was said that Byte is still pretty unknown from a global point of view (something around under 1% i believe). So idk if that helps answer your question but also keep in mind that it’s not released world wide yet either.


Makes sense


Yes, it is but soon. It’s like TT, FB, IG, SG, YT, and etc known. I guess the right part right now is to self-promote which you did and I do that IRL :wink:

FYI it’s only been out a couple of months I don’t expect everyone to know about it now since the app is not global yet.


Words of truth


Dom also explained this yesterday. Byte isn’t currently spending money on Advertising because it wouldn’t be financially responsible at this time. They’re currently focusing on retention and improvements to the overall functionality of the app.


BYTE IS KNOWN but it’s hard to encourage people to join since we have TIK TOK and other video platform in the way


Byte is still relatively unknown. Most countries still have no access to it, a lot of people only know it as “tiktok but it’s trying to be vine”, and a lot of people heard about it on the first week of launch and left because the content was terrible.

Eventually, the app will be more complete. If we really try our hardest to put up good content, and to lift good content even if it’s from small creators, people will be atracted back to the app- And then Dom and the team will start marketing and advertizing


Oof the sad truth of some people’s perception :woozy_face:


I wouldn’t say underground but more of an indie app. Not that many on it yet and i wouldn’t even say its an app bubbling underneath the surface at this time when 200 is the most likes currently being received when there are 1 million downloads. But maybe it takes time, maybe it should be advertised more but as some have stated Dom doesn’t feel they should at the moment. Once people find out next month creators will be getting paid that’ll keep some around but for now the app is small which is understandable because its only been 3 months. Some know it as “that failed tiktok app” and at the moment there is not much to say to change how people see it like that but for now we can only give it time. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Does anybody know how many active users are on byte on avg?