Is anyone going to mention the immersive DROUGHT byte is having right now or was I misinformed on the deets?

I’m loyal to byte to hell to high water but I’m just highly confused of how overall people besides me on my level of followers and consistency and people above that have been averaging about 60 to 175 likes a day. My guess is because the partnerships are gone but if anyone can explain further upon their opinion why the apps more dead then the last DROUGHT please educate me and the community​:thinking::thinking::thinking:. Thank you.


Personally I’m just taking a short rest. I post pretty regularly but just taking a bit of time to recharge and avoid burnout. :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve actually been watching Byte drop in the App Store. Last I checked it was around #67 in Social Networking. The influx of tik tokkers aren’t sticking around as much, and all the changes kind of disenfranchised the old users. So people are kind of drained and leaving, and the app slowly falls in rank.


The app gets booms of users and then has to deal with the waves washing back out to sea when most of them leave. The rest of us here are vibing the same. This is the regular pattern



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Yeah and its a headache

I think some of the partners who were one of the main sources of activity on the app are taking breaks at the moment. It makes sense cuz after posting for weeks on end, they totally deserve a break to regain some more creative juices again. Engagement do be low and another potential contributor to that is cuz people are realizing that tik tok probably won’t be banned. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in September/October because that’s when the decision to banning tik tok or not will be made. If it gets banned, I expect engagement to rise drastically but if it doesn’t, it’ll most likely be more or less the same.


Yeah I figured that ahead of time I just really wanted to hear others opinions and also agree about the engagement boost hopefully based off of the may be ban. As the looks of it no one still doesn’t look close to buying the app but at the same time tik toks law suit against Trump’s executive order…may catch up with him, but the ban still looks like it could be massively possible.


Yeah, it’s definitely been lower numbers since the first drought for me too and I have nearly double the followers from that time. It’s weird. I was wondering if it was a algorithm change or something, but it seems to be across the board. Just strange. Why there be LESS people on the app then before the two Tik Tok waves is beyond me.


I’m just inconsistent as always :eyes:


App is drier than the Sahara rn :cry: if it’s going to survive, something needs to change. Or maybe they’re just praying for a TikTok ban after making the app more like TT. Either way, it won’t change my daily posts. I believe it’ll bounce back soon. :pray:


usually, I don’t focus on the #s b/c I have zen mode turn on, engagements keeps other motivated and/or maybe not; however, the issue is retentions it’s hard to keep newcomers / current attached to app like (TT). something big that is missing in the picture :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been thinking about that ideology too but from a business perspective I wouldn’t believe that it would be they’re end all be all motive to just wait for TT to shit down, because there’s a strong possibility that it won’t and ultimately sounds like gambling. Time is money working on these apps so I’m guessing there’s already a premeditated plan installed for Bytes future if TT Shutdown or doesn’t. We’ll just have to see.


Ive been here for a loonngg time and still not as long as others. So far I have noticed engagement on this app is like a roller coaster. every 2-3 months there is a big jump and a big crash. This is because of mannnyyy different things (people leaving, people migrating, algorithm levelling out after migration, more people posting than scrolling etc) Just ride it out. Longevity takes time and we are still baby out here. Its important to keep posting and engaging if you like this app and hope for its success. The byte staff is currently hiring more team members- that is a good sign.


Hahaha it’s like we have this same friggin conversation every other month


yeah I like to call the forums the “Echo Chamber” cause the same thing gets brought up over and over like an echo just at different times


Honestly at this point I’m surprised if I go on the forums and don’t see at least one post about a dip in engagement. :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s massively overwhelming at this point


Let’s keep those global notifications buzzin lol