Is anyone else feeling hopeless now?

The fake app is out and some people are jumping on out thinking it’s real and a lot of those people are talking about how “bad v2 is.” There’s so much misinformation out and it’s really going to hurt the name and I’m starting to think that by the time the real app releases it’ll be pointless and everything will be for not.


People will realize quickly it isn’t legit. Stay calm and get excited for the real thing


Nah I think it’s still gonna turn out good. Once the official announcement is out various news sites will probably cover it


Me with school :woman_shrugging:

I just hope dom makes an official statement saying that the offer v2 is a fake…

or someone else that people would listen to

People who download V2 without first being verified are ignorant. To check if it is an official app, it is necessary to determine if they are the same developers as V* ne or to look at the official Twitter.

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I don’t really think it will affect this too negatively. I hope not at least!

V2 is gonna be huge. Period.

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i am trying to spread information and updates about the real V2 around my school as often as possible. i really don’t like seeing people be disappointed with these fake V2 apps

The v2 app will not loose its excitement

Not to worry. Just be patient :slight_smile:

@lumiere Coulda sworn your name was “OreoStealer” at a time…lol

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I was kind of annoyed to see a company go as far as to make a fake v2 app, but then you have to realize people will eventually come to their senses and figure out it’s not legit. Unfortunately, you can’t stop people from making copycat apps

It was lol

Lol people actually take their time to create the fake v2 and not expect to get bad reviews even though their app was so rushed :joy:

Looks :eyes: like quite a few people are getting duped

Most people who actually care about v2 know the official places to get information about v2, I’m not worried :slight_smile:

V2 is too highly anticipated to just not do good… I went on to see the format and everything and it immediately had a server problem… I think people will most definitely know it’s fake.

No way. You know there will be massive media coverage when V2 launches, and that’ll draw a ton of people in.