Is anyone else annoyed by the lack of communication?

I love the idea of them working on v2 but I mean as someone who is so into this I feel kind of annoyed by the lack of communication between Dom and us over the past 2 months. Anyone else? (I love dom btw)


No. :slight_smile:


He’s probably working hard on this and other things. It’s not like he owes us any info or anything like that :smiley:


i feel instead of keep giving out info, Dom is gathering up a lot of stuff to drop on us like a nuke one day…so im jus sayin i got my hazard suit ready… do you?


Dom’s working on creating an idea meritocracy through radical transparency it seems, so when he DOES have something ready I’m sure we’ll be the first to know my friend

Nope. Dom has clearly stated some updates with regards to the delay. Check ‘em out first. Search bar man.

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I’m not annoyed but I’m impatient LOL


Kinda, I wouldn’t think about it too much, since this is just a side project.

sorta but he has other projects that he’s working on so I understand

Yes. Same. I love him too but same. thank u for being very honest without the sugarcoating. Thank u.

Like I get it, He’s busy. But something, or like anything would be great at this point. I’m busy too, but it takes me 2 seconds to post on here. I have school, a family, a life too, I understand. But I’m waisting my energy everyday coming on this website hoping for something from Dom and not getting it. And then when I don’t see anything I get really irritated.

Like I know there are going to be those people that will be like “don’t expect too much from him right now, he’s busy” or “don’t give him that pressure” or “appreciate what he has given us so far” and blah blah blah. cool. I know. but still. I can state my opinion.

I feel that he should at-lest say hi or something. just to re-ensure us, to satisfy us. because at this point I’ve lost all my patients. as Dom does, I have a life, and I cant keep waisting my time anymore.

then there are those people “no one asked u to waste ur energy or to have such high expectations or to even come here” ya I know, but I did, so what r u gonna do bout it?!


He gave us a quick update 2-3 weeks ago.

He said getting things off the ground was a little more difficult than expected which led to a lack updates.

I’m not sure what other explanation is expected of him at this point.

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If you’re not wanting to waste energy coming on here, follow @v2app on twitter and turn on the post notifications. Once there’s an update, you’ll be alerted and won’t have to continue exerting energy on the forums, it’ll just come to you

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Yea but he barely responds, maybe once a month and really its not like it was anything of real value.

It may be easier for us to be in constant contact with him and receiving updates whenever we want them but that might not be what’s easiest for him and the rest of the staff

You not thinking any of his updates have value is your opinion and you’re well in your right to think that but many of us do appreciate the updates. Dom, Matt and the rest of the staff literally did not have to include us in this process but chose to.

I would say the least we can do is be patient with them and not respond to their updates by saying “that has no value, sorry bro”


i think we’re supposed to get some type of real update with dates and stuff this week? which i guess would either be tonight or tomorrow, right? or at least that’s what he said.

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I didn’t really mean “no value” what I was referring to was the last post on the official v2 twitter page which basically said “Hi just checking in were still alive” which was a month or two ago.

It’s more of a lack of updates/intel. Communication has been great thus far. I see some people saying we should just always be thankful for what we get and we are lucky to be a part of the process. While this can be true, it’s certainly hard when updates are sporadic and random. And we would have had to be a part of the process anyways, as you can’t build an app without knowing what people want.

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I’m annoyed with my inpatients, like I already have ideas down and stuff. I do really enjoy this forum though, it let’s me in on some “secrets” I guess you could say. He did say the app would come out during the summer (beginning or end idk) but hey, for all we know the beta could be out already.

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My recommendation is not to release now. There’s all this craziness around Facebook and data policies with the government that need to cool down first.

Plus, the best time to release an app is usually in the beginning of summer due to every kid starting to have free time. Think of other popular releases during summer (Snapchat, Pokemon Go, etc)

Just my two cents.

My guess is the app is very close to done.

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I’m patient. I will be patient. There’s no need to get news and news and more news about v2