Is a quesadilla a taco or a sandwich?

inspo from: Is a hot dog a sandwich or a burrito?

let me know because i am curious


Is taco sandwich an option?
I feel like it’s more of a sandwich, but it’s making me think now :face_with_monocle:

The part two of the movie is this question hahaha

I think is a sandwich

More of a sandwich

A burrito is a salad wrapped

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It might be a taco because of the tortilla. HOWEVER. the real question is whether a taco is really just a sandwich or not?

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I think it would most likely be a taco

I’d say more of a taco :taco:

Probably more of a taco lol. Because a torta is pretty much a “spanish” sandwich.

Also thanks for making me hungry lmao.

It’s a quesodilla. :grin:

why did i immediately think of quensadilla lol

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Taco, they’re made from the same bread as soft tacos

I feel as if a quesadilla is its own entity

I mean its more like big taco with sandwich properties