Is a cheeseburger, a sandwich?

  • A burger is a burger, bro.
  • Meh, I guess they’re technically sandwiches?

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A burger is a burger, if that is not the case I don’t know what life is anymore

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A burger is a burger, right?

I mean, technically they ARE sandwiches

They have two pieces of bread on them, condiments, & some meat on em, so they’re sandwiches


You have steak sandwiches and burgers, the bread on burgers is more roll like and on sandwiches is flat


Where dares to dispute wiki?

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i assume that they be of both legendary realms

IS a hot dog a sandwich is the real question

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Of course

Oh man, I’m sweating with anxiety over this. Who knows the deepest secrets of man, who can give us answers?!

Maybe Gordon Ramsay knows. lol


Cheeseburger would be a burger because it has meat, preferably a patty, while a cheesesandwhich would not have any meat :thinking:

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Shh, don’t ruin my childhood

See that’s what im talking about!

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