iPhone X support

I’m wondering since the iPhone X has the little notch at the top & it may be hard to run the app on it, but is there going to be optimization specifically for the X?

For the most part I think we will Have to wait until it comes out to see what it looks like, but here is a tweet that @dom shared that shows what it might look like on the X


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just realized the bar takes up a good part of the screen lol maybe it’ll be a different size on other phones

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Happy to help :grin:

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Probably will lol

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I might need a while getting used to that if I get the X lol


True though! It looks pretty annoying if you ask me :no_good_man:t4:

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I would probably get the 8 or 8 plus honestly

Yes, on Dom’s Twitter it showed him testing with the X. So it probably will

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Thank you

Also how do you post questions? I can post replies but not posts to the forum

Go to any category you want to post in, then it should say new topic at the top, click on that & add whatever

by the looks of a lot of mainstream apps, if they can make it work, @dom can :smile_cat:

Okay thanks

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I don’t think there will be any problem with an iPhone X cause @dom has one and i think i created the application with the iPhone X option… Maybe im wrong but i think i’ve ever seen a tweet like v2 will be able to use with an iPhone X.

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Ohhh got you

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No problem