iPhone Vs Android. What would you recommend me?

Hey guys. I want to buy a new phone but I have never liked iPhone but I’m thinking about getting one. I don’t know if I should stay with Android as I can do more things with it.

I’m thinking about buying the Google Pixel 2 or the iPhone X.

  • Google Pixel 2
  • iPhone X

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Si iPhone X it is.

Samsung best make ive ever had.

My friends have iPhones but I’m more into Sony’s phones.

Android :poop::joy:

Well… most love iPhones. I guess I should start loving it.

Buy an iPhone. Don’t even think of an Android. Android don’t got fun games and camera sucks. iPhone X lit with the camera and when you got on a date, your date will be like “damn he got money”

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You bought me with the date thing. I’m running to an apple store right now.

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Good boy lol

Android all the way, iPhones have a great design and a really good camera (Google Pixel 2XL Camera’s is definitely better) but iOS is just abusive with it’s users, I mean, the file explorer literally has almost no files, when in Android you can edit EVERYTHING

I P H O N E X always tho is the best of best

You can buy a Sony phone, like Xperia Z5 it is a very good phone

I second this, awe alez you amazing guy!

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I dont know the “Google Pixel 2” how is it?

The Google’s phone (the Google Pixel 2 is ugly but the XL version is cool, and has an uniform screen, not like the iPhone X’s notch)

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I actually like the pixel 2 better but I don’t know, I’m still thinking what to do.

Im always amazing. Plus iPhone X about to be pulled from the shelves so if you have one, you’ll be good

And most of the tech gurus out there use Android, example: MKBHD, UnboxTherapy, etc., and look up the OnePlus 5T, the facial recognition is 10x times faster and better than Face ID

Yeah… i like Android because you’re able to do so many things.

Yeah, Android is an open OS, not like iOS.