iPhone 11 Pro vs regular iPhone 11

I’m trying to make a decision, is the iPhone 11 pro really worth the extra $400?

Just wondering in case any of yall have used both.


If you’re going to use your phone for video or photography work, absolutely.

Otherwise no.


I’m probably going to use it for casual video/photo, when I don’t have my DSLR with me, but not as my main camera

I’ll recommend the Pro, it’s worth it (unless if you want to wait until the new iPhone is announced later this year) :handshake:

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I’d go for the iPhone 11 Pro but well I always go for the more expensive iPhones, just because! (and I prefer the stainless steel iPhones over the aluminum ones.) :rofl:

But if you think that the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t worth the money, you should definitely go for the iPhone 11. :smile:

Yeah my old phone is starting to act up, maybe because my brother spilled a 32 oz root beer on it so I’m probably gonna get one before the 12 comes out


All the newer iPhones (iPhone Xs and up) are beer proof so once you buy a new iPhone your brother can spill as much beer on it as he wants! :rofl:

I don’t know if it’s worth it necessarily, but I recently upgraded my phone from the iphone 8 plus (because it completely died) to the iphone 11 pro max and I’ve seen a massive jump in video quality! I can’t speak for the difference between the 11 and the pro but if you’re shooting a lot of video on iPhone (like I do, too stingy to get a separate DSLR) it’s definitely a good investment!

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It was root beer lol, not beer :joy:

Doesn’t matter, I’m pretty sure it can basically handle all drinks. :grin:

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Probably so

If you can afford the pro get the pro, better camera and smaller.

hey guys, I agree with the above but I have no experience with pro. I personally bought iphone se 2 and I am very happy with the camera. The resolution is great and I started to take pictures of the flowers in the garden, I admire them during the summer but in winter I will look at them in pictures. I always wanted a phone that takes real pictures without using different filters. I never understood why you spoil the pictures when they actually render reality. See what decision you make because it’s still recommended to me by a friend and I listened to his advice and I honestly don’t regret it at all.

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I’m a fan of Xiaomi, it costs a lot less and the product quality is great.

for photography yes, for games, fb, ig, etc. absolutely no