iPad compatibility

By no means necessary but having Byte compatible with tablets would definitely be a luxury. I don’t know if this is already being planned for the future (cause like i said this isn’t a must have feature there are more things to focus on) but when i’m at home I personally like to use like to use my tablet more then my phone, but for some reasons apps aren’t fans of them like insta as an example. I currently have Byte on my iPad (you can put any phone app on your tablet but the screen is small and a lot of you screen is just dead space) and you need to digitally expand it which makes it blurry and no fun to use if you want it full screen. TikTok already has this and even turns grid view to 4x4 instead of 3x3 which makes it fell even better on the larger screen, so that’s something else to keep in mind. Idk if you guys have any thoughts?


I second this :upside_down_face: