iOS integration like Twitter/Facebook?

The iOS integration with Twitter and Facebook is much tighter than say with Snapchat. Is this an Apple-side integration or V2? For example, with the twitter button in the photos app, a new (attractive and well designed) layer pops up without fully entering the Twitter app. I think this would make sharing video on V2 much easier and seamless. Thoughts?


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Integration is the key to everything, we all like a nice seamless experience. With V2 though it may be a little more complicated then how it was with Vine, V2 videos shared to other platforms like Twitter for example remember when they just started played but V2 is not affiliated or owned by Twitter. I think V2 should do something like, on you can share you videos to other platforms but it sends it as a link so people can click on and will be directly brought to that specific video but there are a bunch of sharing options; one that I use a lot is the “file share to Twitter” it’ll send your to Twitter and format it into a Twitter video so people can just click & watch.