iOS 14; crash, horizontal lines bug

okay, so i don’t know much, but what happened was I made a byte in the camera, (latest testflight version btw) and my phone froze when i submitted the byte and it was uploading, then my phone’s screen looked something like this, and it started dimming out until the phone completely shut off… i freaked out and ran inside, because it wouldn’t turn on. after a while the apple logo showed up and it went back, but the byte is long gone. was using an iPhone 6s plus on iOS 14 public beta 2. this litterally just happened and im too scared to even touch my phone cause i don’t want to break it.


Same problem here. Persistent crashes to my entire device when going back to camera after reviewing newly shot footage. iOS 14.0 developer beta 2

just checked, and saw someone else had this issue, did you get the horizontal lines too?

no horizontal lines, but i have to reboot my device up every time it crashes to black.