Introduction (Hello!)

Hello all! This is partially a promotion post, partially an appreciation post.

Just wanted to pop on and say I’m very happy to have downloaded Byte a few days ago and to have just joined this forum. I’ve never been a consistent creator of any media and it’s been a lot of fun already to be channeling my unspent creative energy to such a non-judgmental platform.

Though I missed the beta phase I’m excited to be involved in the (late) first stages of this new platform, and even more excited that it seems the app (and this forum) are aimed to create a positive and welcoming community right off the bat.

Also, this my first time being a part of a forum. What a wild new world.

(My byte username is the same as my forum one, @clairebee)


Amazing to have you here @MadameWombat !

I too unfortunately wasn’t able to try the beta because I didn’t have any social media before. (Other than Snap).

I will be posting my introduction in a little bit here too and it includes a bit about how the community is so rich in positivity and growth for everyone!

- josh mirecki

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