Introducing UHIVE Social Network

UHIVE’s new innovative platform enables users to create & display their space (profile – walls) with a digital physical location address in a world of infinite space available for occupancy. You will be able to travel, maneuver and explore those spaces with a simple easy finger motion on your smartphone’s touch screen, move up or down, left and right to scroll across adjacent spaces. Zoom out, and all spaces will shrink to give you a distant view of all spaces registered in that specific address, zoom out further, and users will able to view the headlines or categories of interest. The civilized world is structured on interest categories such as sports, music, news, fashion, etc. Zoom in and you will find communities of common interest, which fall under the space category. Drill further in and you will be able to spot walls and personal spaces. The mobility of an exploration journey is like life: as you move close to a space, it must become magnified, move away and small objects relatively shrink until they disappear

Grey World is a space, where you can explore forever! It’s designed to be infinite, you will never reach the end of it, it’s a completely anonymous world on multiple levels. Blockchain technology as allowed us to create an unmonitored world where anything goes. It’s like our space, uncharted and unknown, you can go and create your space anywhere, no one will ever find it, unless users find it by chance, or you have shared the location with them. People naturally tend to group with each other, and in time, certain areas will be known for a certain interest

so looks like it this be better than facebook


Do it got a link


Ayee yes ^ you gotta post the links too if you want people to actually enter the thing. :yellow_heart::pancakes:
Ohhh just put it back to olace then lmao


In addition, this won’t work. Unmonitored = anonymous = anything goes = BAD THINGS. Unless you want to be 4chan unmoderated u gotta rethink.


I love the idea though

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I want to try it


i do not work for them i just liked there app i thought most of you might like it there is a beta sign up to it beta link uhive

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Wow this sounds absolutely amazing. I definitely think we need more social media apps like this where it focuses on creativity and connecting people rather than just showing stuff off to gain likes or views.

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yep am fed up of facebook now same videos all the time

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Changed to #youtube-vine-instagram-etc.


This sounds really really interesting. I’ll give it a look.

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4chan isn’t unmoderated.

Yeah I know but the topic says unmoderated no?

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I don’t see the correlation between “unmonitored” and “4chan”.

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sounds good

So you don’t see how when unmonitored, people will post bad things?

Imagine YouTube had no community guidelines??

if you read the OP, you’ll see that a “wilderness” type environment is exactly the point.

from a business standpoint, people will be drawn to this “hidden wilderness” network. great
from a legal standpoint, yes, bad things can (and will) happen. look at Kik or Snapchat. not too great, but again TOS could prevent liability in some cases.

but my first reply is me wondering why “unmonitored” makes you think of “4chan”

too many “dark 4chan stories” being posted videos on youtube lol

because ive used it and im not an idiot?

my point isnt unmonitored its anonymous, people being anonymous or thinking they are, never leads to good things.

what you’ve used isn’t relevant here.

the point is that you’re assuming that this network is akin to Youtube (public viewing), and even there people with malicious intent are performing malicious acts. Snapchat, Kik, even private Instagram accounts all have the possibility of being home to “bad things”.

in fact, it could be said that 4chan has better moderation than Youtube. They may be more lenient with what they moderate, but illegal content finds itself on Youtube more frequently and for longer. (due to the sheer amount of content being uploaded publicly, as well as the format of findingcontent)

i dont know what you’re talking about anymore mate.

the post says anonymous and unmonitored. I don’t know how you can expect people to have that freedom and not abuse it, but ok.