Introducing myself

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am 16 years old from the UK. I’m not really new to this, I signed up 3 days after the sign-up release but never got around to using it. Hoping to build up a cool team/friends, i’m open to anyone of any and every background :smile:


Hello I’m Tanzania but everyone calls me taz and I’ve been on this forum since the time they had it open for a couple minutes. And I can be one of your v2 forum friends :smile::heart:

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Hey! I’m Skanda and I’m too 16 years old guy from India :pray:. I am wandering here for 2-3 weeks, I guess… And yeah, I hope you would make a lots of friends here in the v2. :smile:

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Hey!!! And i accept :))))

Hey!! Nice to meet you :)))

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Hey and I’m 19

Welcome! Any questions you have, you can ask me :heart:

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Thank you!!