Introducing my work to you guys

Hi guyyys

I’ve spent a lot of time these latest days reading your topics, interactions etc… and I really enjoyed it, just the fact that there is a lot of people who shares the same excitment and ambitions, makes me feel happy.

Well, I’m Kimuu, 20 years old, Video Creator, since October 2015. I started with comedy stuff (Podcast, Vines, Gifs…), then I began creating my own style in 2017 doing dramatic, suspenseful, “plot twisted” videos and short movies.

Now guys I’m so excited for the app, and cant wait to be among the second generation of v*ners, or rather be the first generation of byters :smiley:

I hope u guys watch my videos and short movies, to give me your thoughts about it, Thank you <3

PS : all the videos are subtitled in english.

The links of :

My own favorite video “Art of Revenge” :

My favorite short movie “Table of Happiness” :

My instagram :