Introducing: Jordan Toles! (From Come Along)

No I did not draw this, I had an insanely talented friend draw it for me (ig:hcmart_) I was having trouble with the character design but I described to my friend what she would look like and be like and she came out with a really accurate drawing! Aside from the hair, everything seems to be on point and I wanted to share her to you all! Here ya go:image

Introducing Jordan Toles, the older sibling of the Toles Family. She’s a fighter, she’s brave, and she’s tough. She would much rather try to fight off a 50 foot giant then do anything a normal person would do for fun. She’s known to take down anything and hasn’t lost a fight, and if you remind her if she did, she’d probably fight you.
Even though she’s a tough girl, she has a soft side. For her family she would do anything. Even though she’s not a fan of showing her emotions, she will show enough to her brother and dad. She would do anything to protect them. She rarely shows this side though. You’d have to get on her really good side for that.

If I have anything else to add I will, but that’s about it right now! I hope you guys enjoy it :slight_smile:


I love the drawing and your stories Nick! Keep me coming :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Very nice drawing :heart_eyes::heart:


Thank you nick, cool veryness


Jordan looks super cool and I love her sword!


that’s awesome!