Introducing Danger

With the postponement of V2 I thought I’d take this time to mention Danger a application currently under development with a similar setup to V2, the new Danger Development Forums are now active, just within the last day and are ready to bring people on board in assisting with the development of the Danger platform, by providing ideas and feedback on the platform. Like V2, Danger is focused on utilizing a community to assist it with it’s development, but unlike V2, Danger is seeking to be fully funded via public fundraising on two of the largest online fundraising websites.

Under multiple phases Danger will complete a specific set of task and goals moving it one step closer to officially launching the Danger app for iOS and Android and people knowing that they had a strong hand in assisting with it’s development, and with that Danger is keeping the people who will assist in it’s development always in mind, by making security and privacy #1. And putting people back in charge of their social engagement online giving them the controls they demand for their security and privacy. While V2 is being postponed and hopefully not forever, Danger is moving full force along and welcomes the V2 community, and hopefully will welcome V2 as a future competitor.


I was thinking ya know what if there was a public app, instead of a privately owned one? Like you know how the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the NFL who aren’t owned by just one guy, but more than 360,000 stockholders, many of whom just fans.

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Thats the general thought process for Danger a social networking platform developed by the people it’s for, using their ideas and feedback as well as funding from the public to support its initial development. The application would utilize multiple revenue forms after its launch. Phase 1 is currently in development and will reveal the initial design of the app, which will undergo changes based on public demand and feedback.

What’s the actual app about, like what’s it for ?


What do you mean by the last day? From the looks of it there are currently only 2 people on the forum?

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yea seems bit shady…what is the app about

What, could you explain it a little bit more?

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Dangers social platform is integrating popular social functions, such as popular camera features, like 6 and 10 second loops, gif creating, and main stream social functions that a social network that has had security and privacy issues has, but better integrated with features (mainly security and privacy features) users ask for. A platform with multiple functions capable of being streamlined to a single category of content based on user selection. The full function list will be released with information about Phase 1 of development.


It’s network that is integrating popular features based on user request and feedback, and putting privacy and security #1. That apps development will be steered by the public, with featured removed and added based on popular request, features such as camera loop functions, and the ability to sort through your content based on type, looking just for videos, choose that sort option, looking for loops and videos, select them, want just text based post, select it. You choose the content you want when you want it. And you get the best security and privacy features, because it was features that the public requested. Such as complete invisibility, only people that are connected to you can see your profile. Dangers platform will evolve based on user request and demand, while it can’t make everyone happy, the platform would become too bloated if it did, it’ll always do what the majority want, as long as it isn’t too crazy.

The most information can be achieved by visiting as well as the many other pages that provide details on Danger. Again app specifics are not currently available, and once they are they are not definite. Features, function and the app as a whole will evolve based on user feedback. Which will be provided mostly through the community forums, that we’re recently set up (hint the lack of users on the forum) the V2 forum was able to gain quick traction due it’s its creators previous work on Vine, had it never occurred chances are V2 would be looking how Dangers forum does now. It takes a lot of work to build a community and audience, something Danger is busy around the clock doing, example this post right now. With most of the work being to finalize the Phase 1 development plan. Danger knows people want a clearer picture as to what the app will be and thats what will be available once Phase 1 is revealed, just remember app specifics such as features are not final nor official and may or may not be in the final consumer product made available on app stores.

Joining the Danger Development Forums is like knocking over the first domino. You can do such by going to Danger isn’t strong arming you, and it’s not demanding you do, but before saying how theres no one there, maybe you should, I don’t know, go there, create an account, and start the discussion, using a (don’t actually do this) it’s like lighting a match and throwing it in a forest, only then does fire spread. And after using that horrible analogy, thats how the discussion will spread, and people interest will grow as more and more people join the Danger community.

Dangers app will be chosen by the public with features added or removed based on public feedback, so without a community deciding these things, there won’t be much to discuss. Danger is still heavily at work to develop Phase 1 it takes lots of work and little to no sleep to finalize a plan like this, but Danger has a decade of development efforts behind it which you can learn here so after enough trial and error Danger is full force ahead in it’s development plan.

No offense, but y are you promoting it so much? Also, should this be in Promote Yourself?

I dropped the initial post, I’ve been replying to peoples questions. Though the details about the app I cannot provide as they’re not yet available (such as features and functions) as Developer of the app, it fits fine within Promote Yourself, with updates at Danger making that clearer in the next 30 days. If the V2 community has no interest, that’s fine, Danger and I will move on.

Do you work for Danger, or is it just an app you like?

Founder and CEO of Danger though a friend has joined forces with me in it’s development, so I don’t stake claim to the founder part, just CEO. The company has already started it’s legal paperwork to form an LLC, later transition to a S-Corporation. And is currently working to locate office space in Downtown Indianapolis, IN for the next 9 months, with the ability to terminate the lease should we need to relocate to a more permanent office space sooner. Got to have space for those servers.

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In case anyone is wondering if Danger will have a way for creators to make revenue, the answer is yes. And it will be revealed during the Phase 1 announcement, coming very soon.