Introduce yourself to me :)

hi V2 fam,
I have been signed up in this forum since day 1 but haven’t been active (just being a ninja and reading your posts) anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to you and would like to know more about the people here.

Anyways, I’m a half-Filipino/SriLankan who grew up in Greece but just moved to Canada for college.
Used to make YT videos. Love making videos but it’s too time consuming since I have to adjust in this new country and work/college balance is hard; that’s why i’m excited for v2.
I love watching TV shows like The Office, FRIENDS, Bo Burnham’s comedy shows and anime.
My fave YTers are h3h3productions, Nathan Zed(TheThirdPew) Jacksfilms. (wouldn’t call him a YTer, but I enjoy watching GaryVee too)

Tell me about yourself!


heyo man, havent seen your name before but im happy i do now!

welcome and thank for finally coming out and saying whats up, im happy you felt comfortable enough to do so. im kaden, a very frequent user here on the forums (if you didn’t already know), and i am one of the forum “experts”, im 17 and love computers and forum communities such as this one

i love arrow, got, and other shows that i watch alottt and my favorite youtubers are david dobrik, jason nash, and salomondrin



hey dude! wonderful to finally see you posting :slight_smile:

i’m jay, i’m 21, and i like comic books and videogames. i prefer dc over marvel but i watch everything both of them produce.

i’m american born, english raised. majority of my family is eastern european, so english was not my first language.

it’s nice to meet you. hope to see you more in the forum. enjoy catching up!


hey, nice to meet you =}
my name is Victor and I’m from Brazil (here we speak Portuguese and not English) hahaha
I’m 19 years old and I love watching youtuber videos from Brazil and listening to music, my favorite band is The Black Eyed Peas, despite the fact that Fergie is no longer part of the band
i’am a descendant of Italian and also of Indians, but i am more connected to Italian offspring.
at the moment I study the Italian language in the future maybe to live italy … well, this is me .

I’m sorry for the english errors :sweat_smile:

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Hello Brian! I’m exactly like you when it comes to the forums. I’ve been reading but haven’t really put myself out there.

Anyway, my name is Claire. I live in New Zealand and some of my favourite shows include Arrested Development, The Office, Freaks and Geeks and Bob’s Burgers. One of my favourite comedians / actors is Zach Galifianakis (which is why he’s my profile picture, he’s kind of an inspiration) and my absolute favourite youtuber is Shane Dawson (another inspiration). Other than Shane, I also watch Christine Sydelko, Tom Harlock, Jknews, Drew Monson and Garrett Watts just to name a few!

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Hello ninja Brian, I’m Maria. Glad to have you in my beautiful country, and good luck with school! I myself am BC born and bred :slight_smile:
I am a writer and perpetual Netflixer. I have a lot of favourite shows, but tend to watch Bob’s Burgers on a loop.
For YTers I like Simply Nailogical, Brian Hull, Thomas Sanders, and Alonzo Lerone.

ayooo im Ahmed half indian/half filipino :stuck_out_tongue: i love makin comedy sketches and watching shows like Lucifer breaking bad etc. also i lovee EDM music NICE TO MEET YA

Hi I’m Amelia, I’m Polish, I’m 13 going on 14 in a few days and I like to browse YouTube and play sims 4. I like the band Brockhampton and the singer Tyler the creator.

Hi I’m ethan. I eat chicken, I work at a chicken selling fast food place, and I also used to raise chickens. You could say I’m a chicken. But I’m not because unlike chickens I’m not scared of the dark.

Hey Kaden!
Ouu cool you got the expert badge I see :wink: Nice
Yup David dobrik’s content is great!
see you around

hey JD :slight_smile:
knowing more than 2 language is cool!
See you around the forums

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hey victor!
don’t worry about your English, be proud that you know more than 1 language.
Black Eyed Peas are cool. Used to listen to them back in elementary.
Well, it’s great that you know what you want :wink: I have been to Rome 2 times, beautiful place.
I don’t think italian is hard to learn, you can do it.

Hey same thing here, do you know how to make a forum post? I’ve been signed up for ages but haven’t really got the hang of this. Also, hi my name is Elizabeth and I’m from the UK. Nice to meet you!

My name is jeff or jefe

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Yes, Portuguese is a Latin language, so is Italian, and it helps a lot to learn because some words are the same :sweat_smile:

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im jennifer, also an expert here and i really love the community and everything that the internet has to offer. i am 14 years old and enjoy self-learning and haing fun.

Ok bro! :call_me_hand:

My name is Zaid Garcia or my stage name “ZaID”.
Im 15 years old :heart_eyes:
Im Mexican :mexico:
Now….im super fan of v2…obviously im fan of Vine Labs. :star_struck:
My favorite Vinestars are: Logan Paul, Thomas Sanders, Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita, Mario Bautista, RIX and Juca :metal: .
My favorite color is :green_heart: and :blue_heart:
Im Creative :metal:
I have green eyes :green_heart: :heart_eyes:
And… thats all :metal:

hey Jennifer the expert :slight_smile: Since you are an expert and have been active in these forums, do you think that the forum is dying? or are people still active here?

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Hey ZaID :slight_smile: It’s good that you are a fan of all the big viners, so now you have an idea on what makes a good vine when v2 comes out.

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I currently work in KFC,
nice to meet you chicken brother.