Internet Trends Generation Z Wont Understand

This Song Was Lip Synced Back Before The Days of

Everyone in Middle School Loved Using This Site For Social Media

This was considered amazing handheld gaming:


Y2K Was A Media Hysteria:

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strangely enough i know all of these quite well image


It’s okay you’re time is coming sooner than you think. Kiddos will ask you, “What the heck is asmr, ig, and snap?” in due time lol

you remember y2k? if you do you’re 97 like me lol


Lol he would be considered a millenial. Boomers are all in their 50s and 60s now. :joy:

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We forgot to mention AIM, Frosted spikey hair, those damn jincos that all of our mothers kept buying us, because we were “going to grow into them” :joy::joy:


What are you talking about I’m 97! :joy::joy:

Won’t lie, I’m not missing the frosted spiky hair, between that and the rise of man buns are haird trends that need to away in my opinion

Oh yeah, I am not missing that stuff. I love that afros came back into style, but the 90s can keep the frost, and 2017 can have their man buns back. :joy:

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We know all of these :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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what you don’t want the frost hairstyle back? :rofl: