Internet Safety

Ok let me begin by saying that the world itself is dangerous and evil but the internet is by far the most menacing and corrupt thing in the world.

We had a situation on the discord where someone posted a link that recorded your ip adress that is dealt with but if someone has your ip adress they can get your real time location and gain access to your bank account social media and personal info

The best way to protect yourself on the internet is to use a VPN when a vpn is active your web traffic is hidden and so is your ip adress which keeps you from getting your personal info leaked which should be your biggest priority

Lol i was supposed to post this topic yesterday im always late ~ JJ


Thank you for sharing and raising awareness! I feel like more people need to know about this.

this is crazy, im well aware of how deep this goes, like i got a few mates who have their webcams covered at all times and i never really was that paranoid to do it, but after reading this i just might…ya never know

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Woah… Thats’s insane. The idea that someone could hack into peoples IP addresses through a relatively big platform (discord) is just crazy, makes you feel that nowhere is safe…

that’s why im happy to say this video is actually sponsored by nordVPN