Intergram vs v2 😊

What is the difference between Instagram…

And v2, Do you guys think Instagram is also a good platform to success and fame as well as v2???


There is so much stuff on Instagram being uploaded it’s almost impossible to get big on it without being big on another platform first. V2 could be that other platform. It will be a new platform, so those who are on it early on have a higher chance of getting noticed. Will be way easier to get big off of V2 than Instagram.


what @mason_paper said is spot on. Instagram is saturated now… v2 is where our opportunity would be higher


6.5 second videos…

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I feel like instagram is tough for discovery and stuff like that, kinda feels like the app never intended for people to make content like that but then it happened? Idk the stuff on there is great! But I just don’t use it that often and when I do it’s just for the people already following me and it’s just life updates. I suppose that’s just me, but it feels like that’s what it’s set up for moreso than for content creation. V2 will hopefully be designed much better so we can easily discover people who deserve discovery!