Instead of the terms “V***r” and “V***s” what do you think of the terms “Loopers” and “Loops”

Looper makes it sound like a time traveler lol

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“Videos” because not everyone will loop their videos
"Loops" because v2 seamlessly loops every video

Compilations will just be “v2 Compilations”

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We might just get called loopy


I feel like people will always refer to videos as vines and artists as viners even if they’re called something else


I’m fine with the term Looper, as long as I don’t have to come back in time when I’m all old and try to kill my younger self.

Cuz that sounds messy…

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sounds like me looking through my facebook posts from 5 years ago

Loops with a z so loopz of course

Definitely. onesheet


lmao :joy: I’m sure we can come up with something else lol

Although I like this idea people are just going to call themselves viners anyways, I think calling the app V2 or having V in the name was kinda a bad idea if we now have to differentiate from the 2

loops no bro it will be like loosing the old flavour of “V*ne”