Instagram's New Algorithm Changes

Great video on the new algorithm changes and what to do about it!

What do you guys think?

I feel as if instagram is getting slightly less popular each year.


I feel like it’s actually been getting more attention recently because of people moving over there from Snapchat. At least that’s what I feel in Europe

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i was definitely feeling that way! i think if they give an option to have your feed in chronological order, the hype will come back

i still find myself scrolling on there often but not having my feed in chronological really turns me off so i don’t even care to engage truthfully. i just scroll and look lmfao if others feel the same, that could be another reason why engagement has decreased!

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i haven’t noticed that! why are people moving from snapchat? :o

What I’ve been reading recently around is that the app is too clunky and instagram already does everything Snapchat does and more…

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that is very true! i didn’t think of that! i have been also seeing people tweet about hating the new snapchat update but i didn’t know they were leaving to instagram

That update just came today to Europe actually, don’t know if it’s been for longer in the States. But as I said, it could also be a continent thing. If you google it though you will only find things about Snapchats downloads, usage and growth only dropping recently.
I certainly like more using Insta’s stories, and I see that it also gets more views and people engaging.

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i actually just got the snapchat update and i definitely don’t like it! so commercialized!

i like insta stories more too, if instagram had snapchat’s filters, i’d stop using snapchat altogether :joy:

I deleted Snapchat. I love using the app, but I got really bord with it. I moved to IG.

I actually don’t know anyone who still posts often on Instagram, it’s the other way round for me :wink: Idk tho it may depend on where you live

I can personally tell that instagram’s user activity has gone down…they’re doing too much.

I still use Instagram, the algorithm has made the engagement really bad and your own home page doesn’t even show what you really like (Its just the popular stuff, more likes) not better content