Instagram vs Musically

I know a lot of people are going to try different platforms as we wait for V2, including myself. Does anyone have experience on trying to grow on Insta or musically doing comedy sketches / comedy in general. Pros and Cons of each? Thanks


I don’t have any info about pros and cons on Instagram but I’ve been using musically for about 2 weeks or so now and have been doing mainly comedy bits. Two of my posts have already kind of been going viral at around 70k likes each, and between the two a total of about 900k views.

Main pros: The app is really good as long as you use the right tags, specifically the trending tags and the category tags. There are also a lot of contests and trends that are fun to take advantage of. Like I said before the number of people using the app is already very high, and it is VERY easy for people to see your videos. Like REALLY easy.

As for cons: the format is primarily vertical video so if you bring in content from other places, it’ll work but it will stick out like a sore thumb. Also the main demographic of the app are 13-15 year olds. This doesn’t mean you should censor yourself or whatever because there are a LOT of successful users on there that are by no means censored hahaha. It just means that you might get a lot of followers of people around that age

I recommend trying it out and seeing how it goes. Results may vary but after less than 2 weeks this is my current profile:


Those stats in just 2 weeks? That’s actually amazing. Did you have a big following on instagram/youtube that you brought over to the app or did you pretty much start with nothing?

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I know right! I’m not sure if I just got lucky or if its really just that easy. I had absolutely 0 following on other apps, so it’s all native traffic!!


Yoooo fr I’m definitely doing musically now @Parkachu those are mad good numbers. I followed ya there


I suppose I’ll try musically, as well as YouTube. Both are gonna be music based.

yea man defintely! well help each other out on musically. follow mine @reallyahmed

I’ve been on musically for like a week or so now and I’ve got like 80 followers now, which isn’t a lot to some, but it’s enough for me because I haven’t been on there long… and I just post half-assed videos…

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sure thing

I didn’t know you could do comedy on musically??

Apparently can… It’s not all lip syncing hehe

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Amazing what you did in 2 weeks. Probably going to give it a try

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Wow those results are amazing. I was never a fan bc of the cringiness of some of the people there, but seeing how well you’ve done on it I might have to join.

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