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So I tried them and they are horrible, seem to use a different algorithm from the main app so all I see is extremely bad TikTok reuploads and just people dancing to a unrelated caption, worst thing is that they base the content off your GPS I assume so it’s even worse because Germans apparently don’t have a sense of humor at all, then the algorithm doesn’t catch up with me end it doesn’t generate new videos for me so I have to restart the app, then it doesn’t have a button to go to the reels but instead I have to go to the explore section first and find a reel video, and in the end it doesn’t adjust to me hiding every single post but just shoves the same garbage content in my face, it’s far worse then byte and this post is basically a rant so I don’t expect anyone to read this


Instagram reels has nothing on byte :joy: I tried it and it’s basically like posting an IGTV video it was no purpose of adding reels . It has no real algorithm and it’s only on the explore page just like IGTV. Not a collection of videos like tiktok or byte . This will serve no competition


needs improvements but it has potentials cause its insta…(give it a month or so). im not gonna lie i like reels but they need to add “For You Page” on home feed; explore the page isn’t enough to recommend content. imo

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It doesn’t seem half bad imo

Algorithms gotta grow and learn ab you, I played with mine about an hour or two last night and it wasn’t too bad. The main problem is that there’s not as much posts, but yeah ^ give it a month and we will see haha

Scrolling Reels, found this to be super funny because we used to say this on Byte.


what I found interesting is, in the comments of over tik tok videos were ALL hate. Kinda felt bad :frowning: all “keep that tiktok bullsh*t away from us” and more. I saw a video of a really heavy girl showing off her fashion and the comments were half hate. But the tiktok videos that were funny like trailertrash Tammy and vine styled were recieved really well

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