Instagram might learn from v2 (the explore page and comedic content)

I’ve noticed that between late 2015-mid 2016 Vxne started to promote a balance in content (between the generic, high-budget, high school/los angeles vxnes and the no-budget vxnes with better punch lines or plot twists). If v2 is as successful as we hope it would be, maybe it would influence Instagram to promote other kinds of videos, instead of the same content repeatedly.


Won’t happen. Instagram is doing completely fine (if they fix their algorithm). It would take a lot of courage for them to copy an app’s popular page that was known for having the worst and most abusable algorithm possible (Vine - pretty much just the same people got featured on the page).

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Ok. I’m gonna go cry in the corner now.

It can even influence YouTube and Twitter. (My point is that a lot of apps will b influenced from the new app and its’ changes)

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Instagram is terrible now :sneezing_face: