Instagram is killing all Social Media Platforms

It Feels like Instagram "Reels” is killing all the Video Format Apps, with the new way at looking at Reels.


I imagine that Instagram wants to end all Social Media platforms on the future.


In my country, we have shop and reels available so the new post button and the activity tab moves to the top of the screen.

I’m not too happy about the changes as those are the two features I use the least, however they explain that it’s for their target audience:


Hopefully Instagram doesn’t becomes TikTok, and Byte as also triller. I think that it can Kill the 3 apps, but hopefully not or hopefully they just take TikTok and the triller audience. However this could also be a Huge opportunity for Byte, to make something different that compares it w/ TikTok and triller as also IG Reels.*

in my country reels arent even available :neutral_face:

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Nice, where are you from ?

Poland, unfortunately

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Amazing, I’m from Mexico :call_me_hand:

It’s just the surface of Facebooks plan I would assume lol.


Yeah Instagram is from Facebook.