Instagram Comments Rant: Beatles Fanboy/Haters

Hello welcome back to another post where I have an opinion that I think other people’s opinions suck just because my opinion, in my opinion, is the better opinion, and if you disagree, I hate your opinion… lets get started.

So, recently there has been this new movie trailer released that I’ve seen before, but, seeing it twice on instagram, it honestly looks like a good idea, and can either be bad or good. That movie is called Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle who also made Slumdog Millionaire. I’ll link the trailer, but basically its a very interesting concept to me: what if everyone, but you, forgot who The Beatles are? You preform them and now, you become as big as The Beatles, because people never knew who they were.

I think personally, this is a really interesting theory. Just imagine if you wanted to become a writer, and one day, everyone forgets or doesnt remember what Marvel or Harry Potter is OR you want to produce movies, in a world where James Cameron doesn’t even exist. You’d be one of the most prolific directors/writers ever for something YOU DIDN’T EVEN MAKE! I think this movie can be really interesting and great! But, with every movie, you’re going to have someone hating it. Lets look at these comments.

Wouldn’t making a movie about The Beatles be lazier? Like Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody? Those are essentially documentaries on a musicians life just made for the big screens and are made to be much flashier and more fun. Adaptations, I would call them also. This is an original idea, if anything, it’s way more creative then lazy to make a movie like this then a movie directly about The Beatles.

MEH THEY DIDN’T DIE FOR THIS MEEEEH!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS BEING MADE MEEEH!!! What does that even mean?! What do you think this is, Dr Seuss movies? That’s defacing a legacy, this seems more like a praise about how good The Beatles would still be even for a newer generation of music that they would still be very successful nowadays with their music. Why are you acting like this is a live adaptation of Cat In The Hat???

I swear to God if one of you defends Cat in the Hat…

Alright Mr. Born In The Wrong Generation Who Cant Even Spell ‘Beatles’, you MIGHT think the industry is run by mumble rappers, but mumble rappers seem to be dying out in all honesty, and I don’t see people praising mumble rappers like god-like musicians. Ariana Grande is praised for her powerful voice, Logic is praised for his rap intellect, and Panic! At The Disco is praised for somehow being a 2000’s punk band still staying alive. Mumble Rappers run possibly about 5% of the industry, while you need to stop acting like you’re an intellect because you like older music.

… actually you know what he has a point who the fuck would call Coldplay even in the top 100 of bands? Thats like saying “oh you mean Vengaboys? You know, ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom?’” Yeah they have memorable songs but who the hell knows more than like 5?

Yeah I’d love to see the third fucking movie in 3 years about a major artist or group. After two, I’m slightly annoyed. I don’t think they are bad films, but I just think it’s pandering to an audience.

Oh and also I don’t think fans would love to see how big of an asshole John Lennon was to his kid Julian, reyn :tipping_hand_woman:t3:.

Luckily, not everyone is really like this. There are a few people who actually think this movie is a good idea and that it looks good.

EEEEEXACTLY! I don’t really think I need to say anything here, because it’s exactly what’s going on. Maybe I’m a hypocrite for also doing this to disney live adaptations, but those actually are bad. Also it isn’t plagiarizing, I’m confused there. It’s an influence, and hey, in all honesty if you see the trailer, you can see why he did it. He’s struggling, he needs a way to make money and a living. He see’s an opportunity and takes it, and he doesn’t look necessarily happy about it half way through, but maybe they have an answer for that. But plagiarizing is too harsh.

As much as I hate the ‘SIMPLE MINDS CANT HANDLE THINGS ANYMORE BC SUPERHERO AND REBOOTS!’ Part, he has a point. Hollywood sees a way to make money, so they do that until it doesn’t work anymore. It looks original and looks like an interesting and preposterous idea, and I’m 100% down for it!

Conclusion, I think people are taking this too far. They look too deep into it or think too little about it, and they say an opinion that mostly… sucks. So yeah don’t be stupid. I’d like to hear your thoughts or debates so please comment. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the day when you put these looooooong posts into video format. :sob::pray:


‘I think people are taking this too far’


I love taking rants too far


But I love the cat in the hat…


Yeah those comments you’re showing are dumb. One easy way to tell if someone’s an idiot is if they describe something as lazy. Lazy writing, lazy idea, lazy CGI, etc… Making movies is really, really hard, and it takes zero effort to criticize something. So people perceive ideas and movies as being “lazy.” But the truth is the worst movies you’ve seen required the same amount of effort as the bad ones. Sometimes more.


I think everyone knows this movie is going to be bang average but its the internet and people will always overreact. And the Beatles didnt die for this comment is the most interesting comment imo. Because i dont know much about the Beatles but i feel they be slightly interested in a movie in that take. As much as people love the Beatles then or now the good and clean image they had quickly faded and turned with their music. And they like looking at things from different perspectives so the movie might be something they could like.


I always enjoy your insight devyn uwu


Its because if its something they dont like then it must be BAD and LAZY


What the hell is wrong with Dr. Seuss and Coldplay?


Nothing wrong with them, just the movies and coldplay is not close to the beatles.

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I really like the Beatles, I grew up with their music because my parents loved them, and they were one of the first boy bands.


Someoe should be on They let you monetize right away and you like writing anyways. Anyways, the trailer I’ll give it credit for being different and not trying to do same old cliched bio pic on the beatles. Very british the movie, but it’s in the UK so go figure. Always enjoy reading your funny rants