Instagram Comedians

During the time Vine was away from my life I resorted to Instagram… I guess I am an Instagram comedian, dancer, intellect, etc.

What are your Instagrams and what do you post? Mine is @bellydancingboy and I think what I post is self-explanatory but there’s a lot of humor, satire, and irony throughout my page.


Instagram Comedy is the death of comedy.


I have few instagram accounts.

My personal one: @Tkwyoung
My design one:

I am very mad that Instagram refused to verify me

Yeah, but I still think those big Instagram influencers (as cringey as they may be) deserve credit for gaining a large following. It impresses me how Lele Pons created such a huge audience from her videos. It may not appeal to us, but kids love her.


True, it is impressive, but is it valuable? I mean if I can count to one million in just one minute it’s cool but not worth anything. Is creating content for literal elementary school students that is filled with references that even sicken some older people really all that great?

I love you

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If it’s your career, yes it’s definitely worth it. Also, you don’t know if she enjoys making the videos or not!

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Hello bellydancingboy it is me nexfliting

Don’t expose our Mother

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hm i can screenshot our dms :drooling_face:

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I have a instagram account. Im pretty funny.@ keon95

I do Mark Hamill’s Joker but with quotes from lots of other things.

IG is LexLangford91

MY IG is: (underline)tooturntalex(underline)


@wtfvon and @nateclip are my favorite spam / comedy accounts

Comedy is comedy unless bad comedy then it’s just bad comedy which isn’t real comedy.


ive been a memer for years i owned the acc @/humorempire but eventually sold it. now im on the acc @dogpos.ts

I just started becoming a comedian on my instagram. Follow me for a follow back. @anelguhdija :heart:

hey belly ;))