Instagram and Twitter Group Chats

I know there are some already, but I’ll also start Instagram and Twitter group chats. If you’re interested, leave your username below. (and tell me which platform)

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@nathdupc, make comedy videos !

I asked you on insta

Instagram: @thomybalca

:small_blue_diamond:Instagram: @he.s.alex
:small_blue_diamond:Twitter: @he_s_alex

If you want a facebook engagement group for v2, here the link:
:point_right: :point_left:

Twitter: dylancollins95
Instagram: realdylancollins

@JKinPublic both! What is yours?

I’m currently showcasing local cafes, restaurants, and dessert spots around town!

Here is something you can checkout! I’m working on getting DISCOUNTS and BUY 1 GET ONE FREE for ya’ll!

Twitter: Jayke_LeSimp1

instagram: @ohmali_
twitter: @ohmali_