Instagram allowing direct monetization

The article discussing this is linked below. It seems pretty interesting, also with a tip-like system in live videos called “badges”

What are your thoughts?


I think this can work, Dom even praised this feature, so we will see how this rolls out. I hope Byte’s Partners’ Program is successful!


Dang has there been another thread ab this? This was the first time I saw it :joy::sweat_smile:

I think it’s super cool, and I’m glad theres going to be a way in the future. What stuck out to me the most was the badges :eyes: It seems cool, but I also worry about Instagram trying to shift heavier attention on their “live” creator-base. I already know a lot of people who were mad at how much the live was being pushed so itll be interesting to see it play out

Tiktok also released like gifts which is same as the badge of Instagram

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this is rolling out next week and 50% of the IGTV videos will have ads… idk if this will be major but it’s similar to FB…

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when they were testing igtv monetization you needed 10k followers, wonder if that’s still in place :confused:

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nope! dom had retweeted & tweeted about it yesterday :blep:

looks like they’re copying tik tok live streams like they did with snap chat stories