Instagram Algorithm Update

Instagram recently made some changes to the way their sorting algorithm works for the home screen as well as the explore page. Lots of creators are saying it has drastically impacted their engagement. I’ve seen a drop in engagement too but I don’t have a large enough following to really notice it.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing this, feel free to rant or give information regarding the new update! (I already know most of how the algorithm shifted, feel free to ask)


Apparently only 10% of your followers will be receiving your content. I do not know if this is true but, I do not see the point in changing this.


Yeah I heard that too, sounds dumb to me as well. Most of the other algorithm updates were to combat bots/spam but that rumoured change does neither.

Hmmmm very interesting…


Nothing happened to me

Really? Wow

Now I see why amount of likes I get decreased by 40%

My engagement has decreased for sure

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Same, I used to get 50+ likes when I was a fan page (now a spam page cause I’m too old for a fan page) but now I get like 20 or less

I know for videos Instagram judges the first 10 mins for explore based on likes, comments more than 4 words, and if the account owner replied to comments. Also, insta considers how many other users reply to comments they are mentioned to in your posts.

Personally I liked the old algorithm better, not having posts in chronological order is annoying

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I hate not having it chronological. :persevere:


LMAO Mark is murdering instagram :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If this true, it is super stupid they are killing the engagement and the platform (Now I get, why I was getting less likes

V2 for the win!!!


Yikes it hit you bad

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Yeah this is what most people have gathered

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Dude same I just want chronological feeds back


Yep, it did.

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