Insta groupchat/ Engagement group

I’m planning on making an Instagram group chat/ engagement group where we talk about Byte ideas, and support each others posts. If you wanna be added to the group chat on Instagram drop your user below. I’ll try to add as much people as possible and as soon as possible :slight_smile:


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I’m in @francesco_amendola

also interested, just signed up. @taijitunes on ig

I hope you all understand that Dom is aware such engagement group. Byte team is working on the update to change algorithm that people cannot cheat the system by using rebyte4rebyte , like4like in the group. If you create the group for connecting other byter, thats fine. But avoid the hardcore engagement


Great advice @Tkwyoung but for now until it’s implemented. It’s up to creators honestly go for that route for now. There will be a negative effect on the content in the future if continued R4R; once limits are put in place and updates. I don’t think L4L works into cheating the system only R4R works.

However, I acknowledge your point about its true cheating the system is unfair but we can’t stop those who do; let them face the consequences. Best if others learn from their experience :man_shrugging:t4::rocket:

R4R having a negative impact on your content in the future.

Reference 1 @Dom

Reference 2 @Dom


Always down to communicate with new creators!

Byte: @Jkarstadt
IG: @jkarstadt23


I second this!

Byte: @lasertag
Instagram: @lasertagbyte

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Its a way to build a community and keep the people that genuine loves the app on the app, knowing that they have support from others and keep them creating content. I’m not looking to miss use the re-byte system I’m just looking for people that are invested in the byte community and trying to make connections before the app gets to its prime.

Definitely down to connect with everyone!

Insta: Shoyboy
Byte: ShoyBoy

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I also like the idea. I completely understand that this won’t be to cheat the system, but rather to engage with people. I think this would be perfect for a discord chat personally but if instagram is what everyone has go ahead and add me.
Insta: joel_bradley_cm
Byte: Jobag

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Hi yes!

Byte: KaylaGarner
Insta: _cactusbby

My insta is Palm_of_Granite I’m happy to be apart of any group that is collaboration/discussion

I’m down for more engagement! Great idea, btw. My Insta is, unsurprisingly, also my byte username.

You can find me there (and almost everywhere) as @dahamiltonian

IG- mason_ashurst
Byte- masonashurst

Damn I wouldn’t mind a discord or instagram

I’m @cameroneagles98 on Instagram!

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I love connecting with new friends! Count me in!

Byte and IG: @jellyjhar


Byte: @NeelPrasad
IG: _neelprasad


add me instagram" amourito321