Insta Bots

I get followed randomly by these weird insta generators alot and was thinking why because it’s very annoying

I always get followed by women that look like **** and have 1 picture and a lot of followers :v I think that’s for
Follow 4 Follow.

Random accounts looking for likes sellin with sex so they can erase everything later and sell the account. I think that’s why they do that.

But i get followed by these accounts which have their user as insta generator @ItsMeJoseGChacin

what do you post? do you use hashtags?

i havent posted in years and comment on peoples pics from time to time @jennifer

That’s because Insta bots can also follow you because of the person you’re following. The person is a target and bots follow whoever is following them so probably that’s how you get followed by them.

that is strange, read what @thejovanshow said

could it be because I downloaded an app which gives me likes because I was starting off instagram? @TheJovanShow @jennifer

most likely

@nancy that is quite possible actually. Maybe try making your account private for a little while and then switch to public again?