"inspired" feature for combating stigma and applying credit

As with most apps that involve creating content, there is always frustration and irritation around the notion that some people are seemingly utilizing other people’s content and creating something not so original. It can even feel like stealing, because often there’s no credit attributed.

That being said, sometimes there’s also desire to find the original video that started it all when a large trend comes about.

I think it would be extremely valuable to allow individuals to go to a video they are inspired by, and upload a video from there, to then have it be able to be included in a special shuffle of videos that also uploaded using the same method, all to indicate a video they were inspired by. This could create an interesting chain of videos. An individual video could have a button for videos inspired by it and videos that’s inspired by if that is applicable. So they would only appear when necessary.

Let’s say a person sees a joke and they want to completely recreate it, maybe they want to make their own version with edits, maybe they want to spoof something, maybe they want to respond to something.

This is a great way to create a chain of videos that allow people easier access to directly related content. And it could also help fight stigma by people who are genuinely interested in mimicking other people to some degree. I don’t think I’ll copying is bad by any means, and having a system to properly credit people could ease the feelings on both sides.

Giving creators then the option to have such inspired videos toggleable so that way they can automatically go up in a shuffle or the creator can screen them and include ones that they allow would be helpful too.

There is definitely stigma around copying people, and I think part of it is because it only ever feels like theft unless a person literally tags you. But there’s going to be copying, there will always be trends that would benefit from people being able to follow the chain back to the original, and there are going to be people inspired by others.

I think including features that reflect actual human behavior in a way that promotes positive reinforcement and networking would be extremely beneficial for the app and definitely set it apart from other services that don’t do it or do it well.

This would also create less of an excuse for people not to properly credit individuals, and could be a great way for creative small creators themselves to get exposure. Maybe it could be used for collaborations to let people know that there are videos that are connected to each other, the list goes on and on.

Now, this is not to say such a system couldn’t be abused, people just attaching their videos to others all willy-nilly without any actual relation. But that’s why I think creators should have the ability to remove them from the shuffle, the inspired shuffle.

There is a lot that could be unpacked here, a lot of things this can be applied for. I’m just touching the surface. But I’ve definitely seen some frustration over all this and I feel there could be a way to combat some of it with this feature.

And given at the service doesn’t make it super easy to look up other people’s videos specifically, this could be a great way to almost establish a means of searching videos based upon how the community associates them with each other beyond simply tags and words being exclusive.


@ThinkFact Good idea!

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This is a great idea, and I can relate to it.
My “Cars are great” video is my most popular video at the moment, and I know of two people who made spin-offs or recreations of it. They tagged me in it, but after reading your post it made me think, “What if there are other people who’ve recreated it who didn’t tag me?”
Therefore, having the chain option would be really nice to not only catch the clout chasers and copycats but also to see the original video of a trend. For instance, this kind of thing would have been great back when the punching joke that @satturnny started was going around, as then you could see the original videos that started the trend.

At the same time though, this could also be achieved if the hashtag system was tweaked. Like, if you opened a hashtag’s videos, it would be nice to have an indicator that showed which video started the hashtag trend. In addition, giving the creator of the trend the ability to go through the videos in the trend and remove the unrelated ones. I know there are some kinks that would need to be worked out, but this was just me spouting off an idea.

In summary, I’m all for this idea of a chain of videos! :grin: :+1:


this is so true! Every original idea that has gave someone inspiration deserves its fair credit. I mean after all its because that one spark the flame is started from anyways.


Absolutely! The nature of the platform is that it’s going to encourage and inspire people to copy things. That just happens with this type of fast-paced short form format. But I think people would be more comfortable both as original craters and inspired creators if there was a way to properly credit one another.

I think a lot of trends would benefit from the ability to be able to pin back who started it, and in a way give them credit too. I think if we establish the culture of proper crediting people, that would be really beneficial, fun, and a great way to help people explore other individuals content.

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Sounds similar to the “react” or “duet” features on TikTok. This single feature could drastically change the culture on Byte :eyes:


My only worry with this is - what if it turns the culture around here into a TikTok culture, where most people just recreate someone else’s idea instead of coming up with their own content?