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When the new sound features come out can you please make it so people know where the original sound came from. If someone uses my sounds I want to get credit for being the original uploader of it. Musically had a thing that said inspired by and gave credit to the original poster. This helps you get more people to your videos and profile page. Thank you to anyone who reads this.


I think vine had this feature?

Either that or something like the Instagram stories music that shows who’s song it is?

I’d at least like to add the :musical_note: (when you open comments maybe?)that would show who the byte beat creator is, and what song it is.


I want credit to be given to both the user who uploaded the sound so others can follow and see their profile and of course when you click on the sound you see the singer/band credited. It would suck to have your sound go big and popular yet no one gives you credit for it. It’s a huge problem on Tik Tok and it became a problem on Musically. People were easily erasing the name of the user who created the sound or simply uploaded the sound making themselves the original which is not cool to the people doing the hard work of bringing these sounds to the app. Happened to me so much on Tik Tok and Musically that I simply stopped creating new sounds and new ideas. Everyone was just stealing from me without giving me the proper credit for the hard work.

I wonder if it would be easier for them to work out a deal with Spotify, Google or Apple Music; or directly?

Does anyone know how Insta, vine, or TT handled music?

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They can get distribution services like Distrokid and Tunecore to help out with sounds.

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