Insomnia and Content Creation

Anyone else suffer from insomnia? And do you come up with some incredible ideas for content whilst depressingly watching the sky slowly lighten from black to grey? If only I had access to a studio (in the works) in which I could explore such wonderful fever dreams. Instead, and I talked about this way earlier, I have a notebook that sits next to my bed for those thoughts and ideas that prevent Morpheus from escorting me to that blissful dreamland.

Kane out.


I’ve got written ideas also in a notebook and in my phone and when I’ve got a creativity boost at night, kapaw we write the idea there.

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I try to create every idea I have ASAP before I get bored or disenchanted. Not always possible, but often it is

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All my good ideas come at night, but I’m to knocked out to write them down or anything :joy:

I have horrible insomnia sometimes, and yeah, that’s when my creativity starts really flowing out. I mainly use it for art and whatnot.

I do have a book of all the cool idea I have so that’s the only plus this gives me.

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