*insert Disney Channel laugh track*

I mean, I really hate giving negativity the light of day but what?

And on my Black Lives Matter byte too? Like I stopped running on the treadmill to just-

Laugh like a hyena

I’m sorry- I’m petty sometimes and I had to share this (but I didn’t want to send hate their way).

I don’t know if they are joking but if they’re not and they really think that about me then they confused


Ive noticed a lot of people call BLM + its supporters racist because they think BLM is advocating for black lives to have more value than others when it’s literally just calling for peace and equality, so… They might mean it literally but based on this backwards logic :frowning:

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Yeah man I’ve had CHILDREN leave multiple comments saying that going to protests are meaningless and it’s a battle not worth fighting blah blah blah blah Then I get worked up.

Then I realize it’s just a bunch of children who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about lol

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Kids really don’t see the problem unless they are black (or of any minority) and/or live in a place where they are not welcomed. I knew of the problem waaay back when I was five.

All I can hope is that they learn sooner before later


I think that is the key thing to keep in mind. A lot of comments I’ve seen of this on social media are from young kids (bar Facebook where they are scarily fully grown adults). When I think of how I had such controversial things to say when I was young, I can kind of let it go (and perhaps try to educate them), as I am sure I came out with some uninformed things. I am sure they will grow out of it but it is scary to see!

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Yeah normally I’ll check out their profile and see it’s a kid and just kinda be like “Sure dude. Anyways hope you have a good day” and leave it.

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