Initial details on byte's Partner Program

Today we’re sharing initial details on our Partner Program.

Before we do, we want to thank you all for a memorable launch and first week. We’ve been loving the posts we’ve seen so far and are excited to get new features into the app and in your hands.

Onto the Partner Program details… As we said in our launch tweet, byte celebrates creativity and community. Supporting our creators is one hugely important way we can do our part to help both thrive.

Being accepted into the Partner Program comes with some pretty great benefits:

  • Monetization: Participate in revenue share and get compensated for your bytes.
  • Direct contact: Text or email us to chat about anything creator-related you’re thinking about.
  • Experimental features: Get access to features we’re testing and considering introducing. We’ll seek your feedback as well.
  • Opportunities: Meet & greets, byte apparel, etc.
  • And more on the way!

How will creator compensation work?

We believe that more evenly compensating a greater number of creators will contribute to a healthier, more creative community. We’ve come up with a bracket approach to optimize for doing the most good for the most creators.

For those in the program, it will work roughly like this*:

  • Every 120 days, we’ll establish a Partner Pool, to be paid out in four 30-day installment periods.
  • For every 30-day installment period, we’ll calculate your total viewership on the posts you made during the period.
  • Your total viewership will place you into a Viewership Bracket, which will determine how much you get paid. Creators will earn more as they move into higher Viewership Brackets.
  • All partners within a Viewership Bracket will be paid the same amount. We expect the number of Viewership Brackets to vary over time.

*subject to your agreement with certain terms that the program agreement will outline in more detail

We hope this model will address issues of incentive and inequality that we see in other models (e.g. pro rata).

Where will the money in the Partner Pool come from?

It will come from ads. This is probably not a surprise. However, we do things a little differently on byte, and our approach to ads is no exception.

  • We are not running pre-roll ads in front of bytes.
  • We are not running ads in your following feed.
  • We are not running ads based on retargeting.

The brand campaigns you see on byte will celebrate creativity and community, just like the features and programs we build. You’ll see the first example of one in a campaign starting tomorrow (Feb 1) as a card in the Explore tab. Tapping the card will take you to the account’s profile where you’ll see more bytes they’ve made.

We’ve experimented, tested, and put a lot of thought (and debate) into our approach to ads. As with all aspects of byte, we’ll be iterating and learning along the way with you. If you have feedback on the execution—creative format, placement, etc.—we’d love to hear it.

How much of byte’s ad revenue will go to creators?

We built byte for creators. During the pilot period, 100% of ad revenue will go to creators through the Partner Program.

Our long-term plan is to have a majority of the revenue going to creators, with a minority going to us to help with our operations and business. We’ll run the pilot until we’re ready for a wider roll-out, which we anticipate will take some time.

How do I apply to become a partner?

To start, the Partner Program will be by invitation. Our team will contact creators proactively. If you’d like to add your name to be considered, you can submit it here.

Please note that we are a brand new app (just a week old!) and our partnership and ad programs are both in their infancy. In order to scale these programs properly, optimizing for the long-term health of the app and our community, both membership numbers and payment amounts will start small and change over time.

Will the program be available in my region?

To start, we’ll be rolling out the pilot program in the United States only. We’ll share plans about other regions as they develop.

When will the Partner Program start?

We’ll be reaching out to creators over the next few weeks and will kick off the first Partner Pool in approximately 60-90 days. We’ll continue to share more information about this as it comes together.

One final note: we’re exploring multiple ways to help creators get paid. The Partner Program is only the first to be rolled out. :slight_smile:

Lots of exciting stuff to come. Thank you for reading and caring.

*team byte


Feel free to discuss these details in another thread!