Inform meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

UGH! I’m gonna have to say this again as someone deleted my last one, plz inform me of announcements by replying to any of my posts because then I get an email. Thanks bye.

can you not sign up to get notifications?


No not with topics, only replies

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Just a heads up, your post can only be deleted by staff members on these forums, so there must have been a reason to delete it

Any important announcements will be posted on these forums as well as on twitter, so you can try to turn notifications on for those.
If you can’t get notifications, you will have to resort to checking back whenever possible to see if anything has changed. (You can save THIS forum category since this is where all important posts from dom will go)

I would suggest not making posts like this. Thanks!


I had no idea you could watch/track “categories.” I was in preferences a few times trying to fix notifications for myself. Good save, Delta.

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you can just turn on notifications

As previously mentioned on your other topic, please do not create topics solely for the purpose of requesting people to inform you of updates. For more information about the community, please check out: Welcome to the byte community forums