Influencers Artist Creators in Los Angeles, CA

Will be moving to Los Angeles soon and am looking to meet and make friends with the influencers, creators, artist, similar to myself in the area. Feel free to drop your socials.

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City of stars :star:

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lucky you!

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Maybe I’ll become one, and make a few along the way.

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The price of rent isn’t very lucky, and I don’t like roommates. Goodbye income.

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I’m living in the Los Angeles area. Follow me on :twitter: @Charleszyy and :instagram: @Charleszyyy

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Follow insta @epickev

Lol rent is easy in LA my boy

I wish i was in L.A, philly weather is weird

What will you be doing in LA? Just curious

The Northeast may have solid seasons, while the Midwest is capable of throwing you all four seasons in a single 24 hours, and throw a tornado in just for good measure.

A various of things, mainly my YouTube channel which as of now has been put onto pause while I deal with other stuff, after that it’ll be short films, and projects as well as an internet series or two. Though I’ll be in Indianapolis starting in October helping a friend with her social media, YouTube and modeling. Afterwards I’ll be moving out to LA, though during that time, there will be a lot of back and forth.

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One of my dreams is to move to the BIG LA

Not when your income is unpredictable, #adpocalypse. And a good apartment is close to $2,000. Though with work I’m doing in Indianapolis in 2019, it’ll be easy to pay the higher rent in LA as I’ll have money flowing from that business.

Lol u dont gotta tell me what “good rent” is in LA im born and raised in the city, my rent in Weho is 3200 a month trust n believe i know what ur saying its still easy if u got priorities straight


I’ll be in California for some of the summer! My Insta is @cyber_girlfriend—if you’d wanna collab on anything hmu!

A ton of stufg such as dirt bikeing, going to the beach etc

And it pretty similar in pa it will be hot one day and snowing the other

I’ve always wanted to move to L.A. It’s one of my dreams!

Same, planning on going there