Individually turn off rebytes (Re-Byte nerf system)

So as we all know rebytes are getting out of hand and I need to admit I don’t want to see them go. I LOVE doing collabs but if im not the one posting it i still want my followers to see what ive been working on so here is what i propose.

Currently when we follow someone we automatically see their rebytes. Many people are recommending we ditch them but i dont agree with that as i previously said. Muting them seems like the next best option. Yeah sure we could have one switch that turns them all off but still not 100% practical for a user. I think we should be able to individually turn them off. This is how i see it, at first when you follow you see what they rebyte. BUT if they abuse it, simply go to their profile and turn off rebytes that could be a button that appears beside the follow button after someone follows. This way fans can see what type of things their fave creators are into if they aren’t abusing the system.


Can we also add the ability to simply pause/play loop by clicking on video?


Hey, this has been announced as being worked on.


yep im all for this


Hey by chance do you mean my post or the post on top of your original comment? I didn’t see anyone propose my exact idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s not already been said.

I said this elsewhere, but it’s also relevant here.

The biggest problem with Byte right now is that if you don’t get an initial amount of traction within even the first 10 minutes, you disappear and fade into obscurity. Without a streamlined algorithm and a tag/hashtag system, the same reason things on YouTube can go viral independent of the time they were uploaded (days vs years ago), it’s easy to disappear on Byte.

That’s what’s been encouraging this toxic rebyte/rbr/like4like culture, a lot of clout-chasers are rebyting and likebotting each others’ content in groups, then they all get to the popular page (and stay there for an entire day), no matter if it’s unoriginal or just a reposted old vine. It’s like an oligarchy, like a small group of people just abusing the algorithm.

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Hashtags are already on the way but Dom already spoke that he wanted a mix of organic timelined content and algorithms. :slightly_smiling_face:

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