I wanna see how unique people can be comment below letting me know your originality and what separates you from other V2ers. This might help you think and prepare for V2

I’m a Canadian with a europian background, but I grew up in Japan and lived there for 15 years. I’m also bilingual so I’m planning to make an English account and a Japanese one so I can reach both communities. I’ve also been making Youtube comedy skits in Japanese for a year or so, and I’ve been writing comics for my entire life.

I hope all this knowledge can help me make some funny vines :slight_smile: I’ve already got 30 of them written down

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I am a 16-year-old boy that i have gone through many things, too many problems within my family, problems with friends and serious love conflicts. My big dream is to be recognized for my work as an actor and to be successful in this, I hope that V2 can help me and all of you in this.


I get myself in some weird/varied situations from just being impulsive and living in Albuquerque, NM.
Now I just post stuff on snapchat and I’ve been told by people that have me on it that my snaps are some of their favorites cx
I’ll probably be posting humorous stuff on V2 but more situational than scripted skits- which I feel like was hard to find regular creators of rather than just the occasional weird v*ine

I’m an 18-year old with the mind of a child, but I have big dreams & now that v2 is coming, it could give me an opportunity to be well-known around the world. The only thing that sets me apart is my editing, which is an interesting talent to have.

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Japanese v*nes were my favorite back in the day so u already got a follow for V2 :blush:

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