Indian byters?

let’s do this
@pradeep on byte
drop me yours let’s collab and make byte famous in India


How have you even installed the app?


It shows up as unavailable here in India.

yes, I’m beat tester

lemme see!

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Yup, it says item isn’t available in your country! VPN doesn’t help either…


you are tester right??

No I’m not, I’m here after the official release

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he was beta testing prior to there being a specified list of countries the app is available too


all right! but I’m in already! we’ll wait for sometime then

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I feel like we should somehow install the apk just to secure a username for now, haha

I thumb check the link above
you may get chance to get it in

if you guys make a group of Indian byters and collab!

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Byte definitely has a lot of scope here in India - Just because of the massive presence of apps like tiktok here, byte just has to be a solid app to hit the country and people will swarm over it in no time.


here is group chat everything will be discussed here pass it to all India creators any news about app releasing on India will be covered here
pass on

Heya I’m Indian and I’m a beta tester.
Looking forward for collabs.


join the group

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Dude so true! I’m dying to secure a username with just my name and no dashes, dots, unnecessary words or anything like that :l


@bhavik on byte
@bhaviknikumbh on Instagram
Add me guys.
I am a beta tester

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hey bhavik
join the WhatsApp group