Indian Byters: How Many Languages Are Spoken In India?

I’ve heard in India there are over 1500 languages spoken in that country or something crazy like that, and have heard many people from India it’s just easier to speak English. So I ask Indian byters: How Many Languages Are Spoken In India?

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Yeah there’s over a 100 maybe even thousands of languages spoken in India. However most of those are dialects spoken in a small area such as villages and etc. India actually has about 20 something major languages that the majority of the population speaks. The major ones I know are Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

Hope that helps :man_with_turban:t4:‍♂


Dang that’s crazy you know that many lanaguages and here I am having problems just learning a second language as an American lol

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I wish Spanish was taught in elementary school tbh given our huge Hispanic population and that it’s easier to learn at a younger age.


I know some English, hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, telegu, Urdu, gujrati, punjabi, like million more :joy:

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I speak 3 . Telugu, hindi(just basics) and english. Tamil is hardest one to learn as far as I know

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I’m fluent in American. Not English

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this is murica so I couldn’t see that happening especially in southwestern states like texas.

and here I am in the usa only able to speak one language and sometimes badly lol

I’ve of tamil and the other two langugaes as well. What makes tamil so hard to lean?

you mean speak murican.