In Your personal experience, best time to post

I’ve found that either early in the morning (6:30-7:15) or evening 6:30-7:15. Haven’t found a good weekend time yet


The weekend is a crapshoot, honestly. I like posting around 8:30-8:45 AM and then just let it do its own thing. Its activity rises and falls throughout the day as people have free time. I just try to spend time having good interactions with folks.


I’d say noontime


Also 3:00pm est works


I kinda be posting when ever I feel like it but i guess the best times would be from 2pm to 6pm.


What time zone are you all in? I’ve heard on here that mornings EST are pretty crowded.

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Est, I believe-that’s east coast America, right?


Yes! For further reference, personally I’m in the PST timezone, which is west-coast America.


As someone from the UK, I tend to post between 2pm and 4pm GMT.

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I try to shoot for early morning or late evening like 5am or 7pm


This very interesting because
1.i didn’t have any experience about things like this
2. This is the first time for a worldwide range

Thanks for sharing your wisdom


I post when I have content to post. Haven’t had any ridiculous engagement based on the times I post, so… Lol at this early stage in the game, seems like the answer is “whenever”.

If we know where most of the users are located tho (time zone wise) that may help a bit.

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As long as it’s quality content; anytime. But around 3:00pm has worked for me.

Ok but i post from Germany thats a totally different time zone MEZ
When i post on MEZ 9:30 pm it is EST 3:30 pm
And i think the most user are in America so far :sweat_smile:

I will update; I’ve been posting once a day, 7:AM on weekdays 3:00 PM on weekends. This has ideally working. I useally get more likes from 7:00 but less loops then 12:00.
If any of them get rebyted or trending on weird, pets, or FX (most of mine are comedy but…) then it’s anyone’s guess

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Hi my name is dylan just wondering is there any users from Ireland that could shed some light on the best time to post?

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I’m not from Ireland, but from Austria. However, I find that 16:30 GMT (18:30 CEST) works best.

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Thank you

Sorry what about the weekend ?

@DeCool got any advice for him on this?